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Commercial Carpet Cleaning – Repair vs Replace

It’s the essential commercial carpet cleaning and care question. Is it time to repair the flooring or replace it?  Tenants move in and move out regularly, leaving behind abused and neglected carpets. For many, the carpet is replaced between every new lease, sometimes as often as every year. But is replacement necessary. A very cost effective solution is to have the floors of the unit evaluated by a professional to determine the most economic course of action. Sometimes a deep cleaning will revive the floors, making them look brand new. Other times, damage can be repaired.

Of course not every carpet  can be salvaged, and replacement is necessary at times. Replacing the flooring in a unit can be a large expense. At Generations Carpet Cleaning, our staff has decades of commercial carpet cleaning experience working with apartments and other abused floors, and often times, we CAN save you money by successfully repairing some carpets that many other companies would quickly recommend replacing.

While some carpets are beyond repair, and replacement is sometimes the best option, isn’t it worth the time to get it evaluated by a professional commercial carpet cleaning company that can give you an accurate assessment of what needs to be done? Don’t spend the money that you don’t need to.

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