Carpet Cleaning

Generations Carpet Cleaning is known throughout many homes in the Tampa Bay area as the go-to source for carpet cleaning, tile and grout restoration, and upholstery cleaning. However many are not aware that Generations has been serving the Greater Tampa Bay area’s apartment communities for over 13 years!

Servicing apartment communities is much different than your typical residential services. Apartments often install carpets made to last only 5 years with normal wear and tear. Also apartment carpets often receive rough abuse from multiple move-ins and move-outs over a 2-3 year period. Pet damage, tough stains, heavily worn traffic areas, and odor problems are the norm in apartment situations, no matter how new or nice the community is.

This poses a huge dilemma for apartment management companies. Your typical apartment manager must balance a tight budget while keeping residents happy and the assets of the community well maintained. This is no small nor easy task.

So how do you overcomes these obstacles? The solution is first and foremost regular communication between the vendor and the manager. Apartments must regularly be checked by the vendor’s owners to ensure their techs are performing well. Most vendor companies have a wait-and-see style of management. Also vendors must purchase the best equipment, train their techs in the latest techniques, and maintain hiring practices that ensure integrity. Transparency and fairness in pricing must accompany this as well.

Generations Carpet Cleaning is a growing leader in the Multi-Family Market and radically redefines “clean” and vendor relationships in the community.

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